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BuffetMap was built for buffet lovers everywhere to make it easy to find a buffet restaurant and book a table. 

Launched in 2022, the site was created after we noticed that all you can eat restaurants seem to get lost online amongst all the regular restaurant directories and websites. 

We decided buffets are such as unique dining experience that it deserved its own directory website, and BuffetMap was born. 

Pam & Lloyd
BuffetMap founders


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BuffetMap has a huge online footprint, with a presence in over 55 countries around the world and close to 4,000 all you can eat restaurants listed on the website

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Premium Listings on BuffetMap will give you featured placement on our website, in our search, and will help with SEO on your own website

Buffet Deals

Everyone loves a good deal, and buffet lovers are no different. Premium BuffetMap venues can promote special offers in our high-traffic Buffet Deals section

Over 3,500 Buffet Restaurants Listed... And Growing

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